US Estate Tax Planning for Non-resident Non-citizens with US Situs Assets

Malissa Marshall, Founder and Lead Advisor at Soaring Wealth LLC and a separate tax practice, Steuern & Taxes LLC.

This webinar is intended to address the special challenges faced by non-resident non-citizens, an area which is largely overlooked within the CFP® curriculum.


We will discuss tax consequences to help our clients adequately plan for the transfer tax implications of owning US situs property, and estate planning opportunities to mitigate the logistical challenges and tax implications for clients in these situations.
Learning Objectives:
1. High level review of key US estate planning concepts.
2. Discuss and understand specific considerations and planning opportunities for estate planning for non-resident non-citizens with US situs assets.
3. Review a Case study – Swiss Resident French citizen with US situs assets.


Malissa Marshall is a Certified Financial Planner and IRS Enrolled Agent, and has a Master’s Degree in Taxation. She has extensive experience with the US taxation of expats and foreign nationals, working with colleagues in other countries to coordinate filing positions, and using income tax treaties to minimize double taxation. Currently, she focuses her work on serving mid- to late career corporate executives needing advanced tax planning – including with equity compensation and/or cross-border situations.


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