Coordinating Cross-Border Professionals – A Practitioner’s Perspective

Coordinating Cross-Border Professionals - A Practitioner's Perspective

By Michael H. Shikuma, Attorney-at-Law (Hawai`i) / Japan Licensed Foreign Law Attorney at Shikuma Law Office

This session is designed to help the estate attorney to effectively and efficiently coordinate and collaborate with co-counsel in multiple jurisdictions to provide comprehensive solutions.


Planning for clients with assets, income, and/or family in different countries often requires the help of attorneys and other professionals in multiple jurisdictions.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding of the potential application of law and taxes from multiple jurisdictions to individuals and assets in multiple jurisdictions.
  2. Understanding the nature of the practice of professionals in various jurisdictions and collaborating with them.
  3. Coordinating the work of professionals in multiple jurisdictions to structure a multi-jurisdiction estate plan, in terms of work product, efficiency, and effective communication.


Michael H. Shikuma specializes in international tax and cross-border estate planning in Japan, the US, and the Asia-Pacific region.  With over 30 years of professional practice experience, he assists individuals and cross-border families with multi-jurisdiction asset holdings in developing tax-efficient structures for holding assets in various jurisdictions and minimizing gift, estate and inheritance taxes.  In addition, he assists with cross-border probate and succession procedures and tax compliance for decedents with cross-border families and/or assets.  He also assists with tax planning for cross-border corporate restructuring, investment and financing structures, and mergers and acquisitions, in Japan, the US, and the Asia-Pacific region.


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