2nd Annual CIGA Symposium – October 2023


Welcome to the 2nd Annual Symposium on Cross-Border Financial Planning + Practice Collaboration, our first-ever in-person event uniting global advisers to advance financial practices and share experiences across borders.

We will be continuously updating this page as more details become available.


October 30, 2023


NYC Seminar & Conference Center
71 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010

You are not alone!

This year we will focus on experience sharing, both around cross-border financial planning processes and practice management. Learn from fellow cross-border financial planners and earn 4 US CFP Credits

Some topics in the works:

  • Equity compensation for globally mobile employees – US vs. Foreign Company Equity
  • How financial planners and tax-only professionals can collaborate better
  • Financial Planning for multinational families
  • Develop financial planning process for your international client niche
  • Peer office hours: Bring your questions and ideas to discuss and brainstorm with other cross-border advisers
  • And more!

Further your tax knowledge & network with ITC 2023

Learn more about international tax and earn up to 22 CE CFP credits by attending the CIGA Symposium and the ITC. We’ve partnered with the ITC to offer programs on planning with international clients.*

We encourage cross-border planning practitioners to attend CIGA Symposium and ITC Day 2 (International Tax Fundamentals) + Day 3 (Tax Planning with international clients) back-to-back!

To find more details about the ITC and register, please visit their event page.

*Please note that registration for the CIGA Symposium and the concurrent ITC are separate events. Attendees who register for one event will receive a discount code for the other event, encouraging cross-participation and maximizing the benefits of both conferences. We look forward to welcoming you to both enlightening gatherings!

Session Details Speaker
Sunday, October 29, 2023
Time: 17:00 - 19:00pm EDT

Out-of-town Attendee Get-together

Arriving early from out of town and ready to meet some fellow attendees? Here's your opportunity!

Monday, October 30, 2023
Time: 9:15 - 9:30am EDT

Welcome Message: Power Of Cross-border Collaboration

In this Symposium, we hope to explore different types of collaboration to help us serve cross-border clients better. Learn what they are and how you can become part of the movement to work together for the best interest of your clients.

HUI-CHIN-ciga-network-1 Hui-chin Chen
Time: 9:30 - 10:20am EDT

Finance Considerations for Indian Families in the US
Eligible for 1 US CFP® CE Credit

This presentation offers a comprehensive exploration of the complex situations encountered by US clients who have parents residing in India. Delving into strategies for efficiently managing and investing family wealth within the Indian landscape.

Lovaii Navlakhi Profile Photo Lovaii Navlakhi
Time: 10:30 - 11:20am EDT

Naming Your Cross-Border Differentiation for Elevated Client Value and COI Relationships

Regardless of a firm's goals, naming and owning what makes your work different is vital in the financial planning industry. Cross-border advisors have a particular and nuanced opportunity to define what we do in a way that exudes value and elicits intrigue in both clients and prospects. Join Carolyn Dalle-Molle, VP of Advisor Growth Marketing at FiComm Partners, to engage in a lively exploration into what makes your services unique and why that matters to your goals.

Carolyn headshot Carolyn Dalle-Molle
Time: 11:30am - 12:20pm EDT

Tales from the Intersection of Cross-Border Financial Planning and Immigration Law
Eligible for 1 US CFP® CE Credit

Globally mobile individuals often have to grapple with both the financial and legal aspects of their cross-border living and movements. In this session, immigration attorney, H. Heidi Son and cross-border financial planner, Sefa Mawuli, CFP® talk about how immigration lawyers and financial planners can collaborate in order to better serve these clients.

PH_SefaMawuli-033 Sefa Mawuli MO Pic Heidi Son
Time: 13:30 - 14:20pm EDT

US Planning Considerations for Foreign Nationals with Equity Awards and Investments
Eligible for 1 US CFP® CE Credit

This presentation will help attendees understand the US taxation of equity awards and investments from the perspective of non-resident foreign nationals, as well available planning opportunities. Such opportunities include managing days of US presence, using bilateral income tax treaties, and accelerating, deferring or excluding income from taxation altogether.

Malissa-Marshall.jpg Malissa Marshall
Time: 14:30-15:20pm EDT

Working and Networking Effectively with Client External Foreign Advisors
Eligible for 1 US CFP CE Credit

Partake in a workshop style discussion about working collaboratively and developing a network of trusted external professionals to work with financial planning clients on a cross-border basis. We will discuss how to communicate effectively with clients and their external professionals, develop mutual trust and leverage complimentary competences to best serve client needs and create a mutually beneficial professional network.

Tucker, Arielle 4 2022 Arielle Tucker Head Shot Marina Marina Hernandez
Time: 15:30pm - 16:20pm EDT

Case Study: Liability Matching while US Clients Live Abroad

(Details to come)

Time: 16:20 -1 6:50pm EDT

Ask Us Anything + Closing Remarks

Run into planning issues or need to find solutions and referrals on client cases? Bring your questions and ideas to discuss and brainstorm with other cross-border advisers! Experienced CIGA members will be present and all are welcome!

Time: 16:30 - 18:00pm EDT

ITC x CIGA Mixer

Take some time to unwind from a day of cross-border planning education and mingle with tax professionals attending the International Tax Conference.



Exchange and collaborate with a community of cross-border advisers in other countries and specialities.

The CIGA Network is the home for global independent advisers that wish to serve cross-border clients better. 

Hui-chin Chen

Meet the Speaker

Hui-chin Chen, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is the Founder of The CIGA Network, a global community to promote collaboration among advisers working with cross-border clients. She is also the Principal of Pavlov Financial Planning, where she primarily serves globally mobile professionals and multi-national families. As an immigrant and expat, Hui-chin is passionate about making cross-border financial planning accessible and more comprehensive through bringing advisers with different expertise together.

Lovaii Navlakhi


Meet the Speaker

Over the past two decades, Lovaii Navlakhi from International Money Matters, India, has demonstrated a keen interest in understanding the pain points of and finding solutions for cross border financial situations of Indian families living outside India. He is a CFP & CeFT, and has won Global Financial Planning awards in the past. 

He appreciates the need to collaborate with fellow professionals to ensure that aspects related to taxation, reporting, estate taxes, currency and investments are incorporated in the financial planning process for cross-border individuals.

Carolyn Dalle-Molle, VP, Growth Marketing


Meet the Speaker

Carolyn is a seasoned marketing consultant to mission-driven financial advisory firms of all sizes. Coming from XY Planning Network and FiComm Partners, her approach to marketing is both creative and analytical. Carolyn helps firms achieve a creative flow that’s unique and exciting while also using tracking and metrics to learn what actually drives results for their business.

Sefa Mawuli, CFP®


Meet the Speaker

Sefa Mawuli, CFP® is a managing partner and financial planner at Pavlov Financial Planning. She helps multinational families and globally mobile professionals, including those with equity compensation, navigate the complexities of cross-border living so that they can live meaningful lives, free from financial stress.

Heidi Son, Senior Counsel, Head of Business Immigration


Meet the Speaker

Heidi Son is the Head of Business Immigration at Murray Osorio with 12+ years of experience in immigration law and 5 years in labor/employment law. Heidi manages a wide array of business immigration cases, assisting entrepreneurs, startups and corporations.  

An immigrant herself, and having lived in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Jordan, she understands the challenges that foreign nationals can face in relocating to the U.S.  To further assist the immigrant community, Heidi volunteers for universities and various organizations presenting seminars/webinars and also serves on the DC SHRM’s Board of Directors.

Malissa Marshall, CFP®, MS Tax, EA


Meet the Speaker

Malissa Marshall, CFP®, MS Tax, EA, is the founder of both Soaring Wealth LLC, an independent RIA, and Steuern & Taxes LLC, a tax preparation practice.  She has been serving busy professionals with equity compensation and/or cross-border situations for two decades.

Before launching these firms, Malissa worked for a Big Four global consulting firm for a decade in San Francisco, Boston, and Zürich, Switzerland, providing services to both corporate global mobility programs around the world as well as private clients throughout the US and Europe.  

Arielle Tucker, CFP®, EA


Meet the Speaker

Arielle Tucker, EA & CFP(r) is the founder and lead advisor of Connected Financial Planning, focused on cross-border financial planning for US citizens and their families moving to Europe and/or living in Switzerland, Germany, and Portugal.

Marina Hernández, EA, CFP®


Meet the Speaker

Marina Hernandez, EA,CFP, has been speaker and CE instructor on personal international tax issues since 2016. She is the founder and principal of Swiss American Wealth Advisors and MHTax, firms that specialize in serving the tax and financial planning needs of families with US and Swiss ties. A tri-national of Argentina, Spain and the USA, she has lived in Europe, South and North America, and currently makes Philadelphia her family’s home

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